Jill Carroll

MY NAME is Jill Carroll and welcome to my website. I've been working with the Spirit world as a clairvoyant medium for over 33 years.
I am based in Bristol in my Spiritual centre, Mystiques.
I also feature in Dragon Clairvoyant Evenings with my son, Aaron Naughton. We take these events far and wide across the UK.

I offer various services which can all be found here, on my website. Browse around the site and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Feel free to friend me on Facebook. Click HERE.

About Jill

JILL CARROLL was born on the 4th January 1959 (Capricorn). Jill's father, Ken Fear used to always attend a church regularly on a Sunday, but not the usual run of the mill church, a Spiritualist church. When Jill turned 16, she was finally allowed to go with her father to these churches and discovered the world of Spiritualism.

Jill attended a spiritual circle, developing her abilities as a meidum under the guidance of Ken. It took her 2 years with nothing happening to her, no revelations and no changes until eventually, she could sense spirit, see them, hear them and feel them. She spent many years training as a medium and even to this day, she claims she is learning something new and will never be an expert, not until she is on the Spirit world herself.

In March 2011, Jill has been featuring in Dragon Clairvoyant Evenings across the UK. She has also offered one to one readings for 33 years and worked on many platforms at a large number of Spiritualist churches.

Jill works to prove that death cannot divide us from our loved ones and is following in the footsteps of her father and grandparents.

Jill published her book, `Spiritual Thoughts` in 2007 telling her heartbreaking story of her life with spiritual philosophy and teachings on every page turn. You can purchase her book from her shop, Mystiques or from Amazon.

Jill was first introduced to the Faulkner Tarot in 2009 where the author of the cards trained Jill to read them and how to teach them. In July 2009, Jill qualified to become an official Faulkner Tarot trainer and is the only stockist of the cards in Bristol.

Jill's work as a clairvoyant medium is part of a scientific experiment and she cannot guarantee any outcomes and suggests that you follow the spiritual principle of "personal responsibility". Jill cannot take responsibility for your actions or outcomes from the result of her work. The experiment is for entertainment purposes only.

Jill Carroll

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I RUN and feature in psychic events across the UK constantly! Below is a quick list of events, click on them to find out more and ticket booking information! Click "Psychic Services" above to find out how to hire me for an event!

20 September - Knowle Spiritualist Church, Bristol (Divine Service)

11 October - Jennings Street Spiritualist Church, Swindon (Divine Service)
25 October - Rose's Palace, Brislington, Bristol (Divine Service)

08 November - Soundwell Road Spiritualist Church, Bristol (Divine Service)

15 December - Rotary Hall, Chippenham (Spiritual Enlightenment and Clairvoyance)

Book a Reading

HAVE A one to one reading with Jill from anywhere in the world. See prices and reading plans below then get in contact!
Please Note: Prices in USD may vary due to conversion rates and may not be accurate. The prices given are a guideline and should only be treated as such.

Bristol, UK onlyFACE TO FACE READINGS - Book Now WorldwideSKYPE TO SKYPE READINGS - Book Now
If you're in the Bristol area in England, you can have an intimate one to one reading with Jill in the Rainbow Room at Mystiques Cauldron. Jill can either connect in with your energies and read you on a psychic and mediumship level and ask for your loved ones and helpers from the Spirit world to step forward to communicate or read your tarot cards.

Full Reading - £40 (Untimed reading with CD and beverage of your choice included)
Untimed Reading - £35
Taster Reading (30 minutes) - £20

UK onlyRecording on CD - £4
UK onlyDigital Recording - £2
Jill is able to offer her readings all over the world via Skype which means you can have a reading from the comfort of your own home. If you're camera shy, don't worry as Jill will still be able to connect to your energies and ask your loved ones from Spirit to step forward to communicate or read your cards as long as she can hear your voice.

Untimed Reading - £35 / $60
Taster Reading (30 minutes) - £20 / $35

UK onlyRecording on CD (Voice only) - £4
WorldwideDigital Recording - £2 / $4

WorldwideEMAIL READING - Book Now WorldwideTELEPHONE READING - Book Now
If you have some burning questions you wish to ask for guidance upon, Jill can connect with your psychic energies and spiritual helpers or read your tarot cards to help give some direction. This is the perfect option if you're a little shy and want a specific question to be focused upon.

Two Specific Questions - £15 / $27
One Specific Question - £10 / $19
Give her a call and have a reading on the telephone with Jill in the comfort of your own home! Jill will connect to your loved ones in spirit using voice vibrations or reading your tarot cards and pass on messages that come to her. If you have any specific questions, she will try her best to get answers for you.

Untimed Reading - £35 / $60
Taster Reading (30 minutes) - £20 / $35

UK onlyRecording on CD - £4
WorldwideDigital Recording - £2 / $4

Jill's work as a clairvoyant medium is part of a scientific experiment and she cannot guarantee any outcomes and suggests that you follow the spiritual principle of "personal responsibility". Jill cannot take responsibility for your actions or outcomes from the result of her work. The experiment is for entertainment purposes only.

Psychic Services

Jill Carroll

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Jill Carroll can offer various psychic services for you and your business. Have a look at the list below and get in contact!

Hire to Companies or Churches
Demonstrations of Mediumship
Ghost Hunts / Paranormal Investigations
Television and Radio
Psychic Development / Learning

Personal Psychic Services
Spiritual Healing
Problem Hauntings / Possession

Have an idea you'd like me to get involved in? Email me!


BELOW you can find a list of contact details for Jill!

Telephone: 0117 969 0175 (And ask for Jill!)
Email: Jill@Spiritlady.co.uk
Mystiques Cauldron
48 Filton Road,
Facebook: Facebook Group/JillSianCarroll

Jill Carroll


Jill Carroll

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DON'T let this website tell you your opinions on Jill, read testimonials from people who have seen her in action!! If you wish to add a testimonial, please email Jill@Spiritlady.co.uk

Stella Donoghue / Free-Winds Spirit Church - Just to say much love and thanks to Jill Carroll and Aaron Naughton for the lovely service last night. There was so much love and laughter - one could almost forget that it was a Divine Service. We know that our Spirit families and friends love to have that kind of atmosphere and it shows. Aaron thank you so much for the readings and your address - it was beautifully put. Thanks to you both for the wonderful messages. Everyone really enjoyed the service and are looking forward to your return. Don't forget to come and see us if you are not working - you are more than welcome. Take care both of you - lots of love, light and blessings xxxx

Caroline Carbon - Had a great time at the Mediumship Workshop, with Aaron Naughton, and Jill Carroll. We learned quite a few new things, and they gave us the confidence to just trust what we are given. They are both very talented and tuned in people :) We had such a lot of fun too!

Kath Morris - Jill and Aaron are fantastic and on the nail. I have seen them both work on several occasions both together and separately and they are always accurate and make it a joy fun filled evening. They are both compassionate and caring with the highest integrity. I cannot recommend them high enough the evenings are fab and I always enjoy myself and they make me feel so welcome. Thank you

Tracy Harrison - Jill and Aaron, are so very 'accurate' with their readings! They are a fantastic mother and son 'duet'. If you have not already been to one of their evenings, then it would certainly be worth your while to attend sometime! They have a 'special chemistry' between them!!! We wish you every SUCCESS! Thank you so very much. Tracy and Phil :-)

Kristin - I have wanted to go to one of these evenings for a long time but never have before, Jill and Aaron were fantastic and very accurate with what they told me and i will definitely be going again. i would and have recommend them to any of my friends. Thank you so much i think your amazing Xx

Tracey White - Jill and Aaron are both fantastic mediums in their own right and they also work really well as a double act in Dragon Clairvoyant events. If you haven't attended one yet then make sure you get to one soon , you won't be disappointed. I have had fun each time I have been and have been amazed at the accuracy delivered during their contact with spirit. Keep up the amazing work! Xx
You have to attend a Dragon Clairvoyant Evening - It is an experience you do not want to miss!!
Jill and Aaron work with their guides to show that there is continuity of life.

Get yourself along to the next event to see for yourself, it's a lot of fun.

Mel Sykes - Attended a GHost Hunt at the Edward Jenner Museum in Nov 2011, Jill and Aaron were brilliant, very enthusiastic and great fun! Everyone had a fantastic time. They are lovely people and cant wait to meet them again......... MEL

Kerry Ann Taylor - GHost Hunt at the Edward Jenner Museum in Nov 2011 was amazing it senrtly open my eyes up had wicked time and had good few wicked experiences of my own , i cant wait for the next one well worth the money . even that recording on my phone now that was freaky stuff, it must to anyone who thinking of going you wont regret it thank you jill, Aarron plz to more more stuff on this delfy be your follower xxx

Paige Golding - Jill and Aaron are such inspirational people, I've been to a couple of the Clairvoyant Evenings and each time I've been truly amazed.
They're so worth going to, I'd recommend it to anyone!
Jill and Aaron are such lovely people with a unique gift that can bring so much joy, and peace to people, I love attending the evenings and always have a really nice time.
Thank you both for everything.